fueledbychocolateThe boundaries between art and craft are ill defined. Some people suggest that it is intention that makes the distinction. If a maker wants to express an idea as opposed to creating something utilitarian,  perhaps that is art.

Some people think  it is the material that determines if a person is an artist or a craftsman. Textiles, ceramics, and glass, for example, seem to fall into a craft category.

I’ve always believed I was a craftsman, not an artist. I am very good at making all sorts of things, but not very good at imagining what to create. My mind does not conjure up ideas! I have to look at the creations of others, in order to establish a baseline that I can start from.

The collection of posts in this blog are the Almost Artistic results of years of making things. I thank, and give credit to, all the people whose imaginations were the springboard for my creations!





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